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Here’s a clean black and white outfit that’s a nice start to the Fall season. The top is an oversized light weight knit sweater but I decided to tuck it in for a classier look. Usually, I pair this sweater with leggings and a scarf for a more casual feel. The skirt is also made of knit sweater like material and it’s stretchy. It’s not too thin so it’s not see-through or cheap feeling, which is a plus! Both of these pieces are from Forever 21.

The shoes are from TJ Maxx for $20! These were such a great deal and they are super comfy. They are also lined with soft fabric inside so it’s nice to your toes especially since all of your weight goes towards that area in heels. Another cool feature about my heels are that the back portion is PU quality and quilted, while the front of the heels are in a solid suede material. 

For my accessories, I wore a belt that had multiple gold chains that hung from it. The buckle is in the back. I also like to wear this belt with harem pants or anything high-waisted. The necklace is something I wore on a previous post (Playing for Keeps). It’s my gold balloon animal necklace.

For my hair, I was wearing it down earlier but it just seemed more put together when it was put into a fishtail braid. It was a last minute decision so if you spotted the no hair tie, this was the reason. I forgot to pair a clutch with this outfit, but I would have chosen a luscious red color.

Hope you liked this look.  

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