Crimson Escapades

Fall has begun and it's time to dress a little more warmer. Here's a light weight outfit that's a great transition from summer to fall. The majority outfit comes again, from Forever 21. I absolutely love the store and they always have great finds at such a low price. The top was about $8.80 and the PU skirt was around $17.80. 

To breakdown the outfit; the top is a basic crimson color crop top with a scoop neckline and the skirt is made out of stretchy PU quality. What I really like about the skirt are the pockets.With these two basic pieces, you can really make a lot of different outfit 
with them. When it gets a little cooler, I would pair this skirt with a loose sweater and a hat which would be perfect for the California winter. 

The heels are from Zooshoo which I got at a warehouse sale. They are really comfy and have a zip-up back closure. I'm sure they still have similar styles on their website. ( The necklace and clutch are also from Forever 21 but I got them a year ago so they may not be in stores anymore. I'm sure there are similar styles if you Google on the internet. 

For my hair, I styled it in to a low bun in the back and pulled out two long strands on each side of my face to frame it. I curled the long strands with a 1.5" curling iron and also styled my bangs to the side.I liked this messy chic vibe it gives. 

Hope you enjoy your week.

Additional Pictures Below:

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