Beyond the Pale

 I wanted to try an outfit that used a similar tone or shade from top to bottom. Normally being matchy-matchy can be a little overbearing but if you use different textures in your attire, it can work out perfectly Here’s a pretty feminine pale pink shade that I played with which is always a safe color for a cool day time look.

The lace top is from Forever 21 and what’s add a unique flair to it is that the back is a button down. I’ll post a picture in the additional pics below for you to see. I wore a nude cami underneath so I could wear it to work but if you feel daring, you can wear a nude bra underneath the lace top and it can still look chic. I really like the lace pattern on this shirt and the eyelash scalloped edge.

The dress pants are from Kohl’s from the Jennifer Lopez Brand. I never really tried this brand before but I would say that the line is uses much better quality than their other lines in the store. The pants are very comfy too and it was a like clean color.

My accessories are also from Forever 21. I love this fashion statement necklace. Normally, I wear gold colored jewel tones but this was a piece I couldn’t pass up. It looked tribal and glamourous at the same time. It’s a more charcoal tone necklace with jewels and etched detail in the metal. The beaded squared clutch is a timeless piece that looks charming for the night or the day. I like how it shimmers in the right lighting. For my shoes,, I just wore a pair of simple black Doris Heels. They have a zipper back which is what I usually prefer as oppose to a buckle up.

Hope you’re having a good day!

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