LA ► SF x Brown - Day 2

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
Day 2! We started our morning with yeast waffles and bacon that our friend pre-prepped last night and
made in the morning. After we ate we decided to go to San Francisco and hit up Uniqlo. All of us have been wanting to go to Uniqlo to buy some clothing. It took us some time getting there and finding parking, but we eventually parked at Union Square. I've been to Union Square before and it's definitely pretty and worthy of picture taking. :D

We took lots of photos next to the heart statues, but unfortunately we couldn't take pictures with all the hearts because the 4th heart was missing. We thought it was odd that there was no heart on one of the corners in Union Square.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
@ Union Square
One thing I love about San Francisco is their homes. I just love how pretty they look and tiny they are. It kind of reminds me of living in Manhattan (granted I've never been...). It's just so beautiful how everything looks together. Haha, I just dont know how to explain how pretty it is, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about :P

Anyways, we went to Uniqlo and bought a couple of items and
decided to go to Ike's Place that our friend S.H. been wanting go since we've planned this trip. It's supposed to be a really good sandwich place. Honestly, I thought it was mediocre; nothing too special about it. It kind of reminds me of Earl's sandwich. Very different and savory. Oh! Since there was absolutely no seating in Ike's Place we decided to go to a nearby park and eat there. Not going to lie, we thought the park was under construction because all we saw were construction stuff going on when we reached our destination. Eventually, we followed the people on a small hike up the hill and found a gorgeous park. It literally reminded me of Coachella 2014. Everyone was on blankets picnicking or chilling. There were people selling Pizza, Coconut water, and probably other food items I don't know about. I noticed that the greenery or grassy part of the park was just filled with adults and the play ground was filled with kids. Haha!

Palace of Fine Art
Uhm, so my DSLR died; I had to resort to using my point n' shoot selfie cam. We went venturing at Palace
of Fine Arts and omg this place was amazing. I felt like I was at an alternate universe or Greece... maybe Rome. It was just absolutely beautiful and breath taking!

Bottoms up!
Then we decided to go to Target and Bevmo! to stock up on some wine and food we were going to cook. However, we stayed at Bevmo! too long that we decided to have Pizza delivered to us instead. Omg, we spent so much money on alcohol. We bought $100 worth of alcohol and I don't even know how we're going finish everything. We got wine, crackers, pita, hummus, and cherries :9 Yea, we definitely have a long day ahead of us and tomorrow we're going on a Ferry and doing a scavenger hunt! Eeeee I'm totally excited for that! More pictures to come :D

For now, check out my album on Flickr of my SF trip.

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