LA ► SF x Brown - Day 1

Duffle from Target

I'm am here at SF visiting a friend of mine from college for the weekend. I decided to take some pictures to share with you all my eventful day for the next few days.

Purse from Macys
I got to the LAX airport really early from work. I had called half day off, so I could make my flight at 6PM and boarding would be at 5PM. Got there around 2PM and was able to go through TSA pretty fast and quick. No problem there. I packed a carry on bag and my Michael Kors large Selma purse with me. Earlier I had my faux leather slouch backpack, but I don't think they allow you to carry more than 2 carry ons and that includes your purse.

When my friend and I arrived there we were just hanging around until our other friend met us up so we could board the plane together. I've never took Southwest Airline before, so it was pretty interesting; not to mention I've never gone to LAX airport before either since I live right next to ONT airport. Our flight was delayed for a bit, but we finally got to board the plane at around 5:30PM.

I did take some photos using my Nikon D3200, but I'm a bit lazy trying to upload all of them onto Blogger. Maybe the next post I'll upload them onto Picasa and see if that's any better. I mean having it on Flickr is a bit tough to direct link them to everyone to see, so maybe on the next post. :) Although, I will supply a link to my SF trip album, so you can kind of see and experience what I'm talking about :)

So we boarded and we started to lift off. I definitely enjoy flying just because it's so calming and fun haha. Seeing the different types of people on the same plane and eavesdropping on their convesation.. or even just taking a nap. It's pretty fun :D I definitely enjoy flying hehe.

I took a picture from my window seat that I was able to get. Unfortunately for me my friends and I were kind of the last people to board the plane because we were too busy talking to each other that we didn't get to hear our position number. Talk about super fail! We almost weren't able to fit our carry on cause it was a full plane. >_<!

We finally got to SF around 7PM close to 7:30PM and we all decided to eat somewhere before we headed back to our friends pad. We went to this trending Reddit article about 37 things to eat in San Francisco and yesterday I volunteer tribute to chose a number between 1 and 37. I chose 7!

Inside Mission Chinese Restaurant
So we went around driving in SF looking for Mission Chinese Food because they were popular for their Pastrami Kung Pao. We got there and the road was block on Mission and I think 23rd ST. We weren't sure why it it was blocked, but I assumed it was because of a fire that went out. There was so much water and puddles of water on the streets that they blocked off a few blocks. We had to park further away from the place (don't know why) and we walked 6 blocks to the restaurant.

As we near the restaurant we saw a bunch of people lined up at Lung Shan Restaurant. We looked at our map and the place and there was NO Mission Chinese Restaurant. We then turned the corner and thought we found the place, but it was just too fancy to be a Chinese Restaurant. When we got there we realized that we went to Commonwealth, which had like $$$ on yelp. We immediately left after asking if Lung Shan Restaurant was Mission Chinese Food; it was.
More pictures from the restaurant above. So, inside of the restaurant is pretty tiny and compact. Everything is pretty close together and even when eating we're seated with other customers lol; kind of like a cafeteria almost. The wait time wasn't too bad almost around 30-40mins. It could've been worse considering that there was a bunch of people in front of us too.
Yup, so basically this concluded our night and we went and watched The Shinning and called it a day. If you want to know the dishes we got. The photo goes the following from top left to bottom: Fried Rice, Pastrami Kung Pao, Squid Ink Noodles, Tea Smoked Eel, Tiki Pork Belly.

Here's a link to my flickr album so check it out if you have time :)

Oh, if you want to know how I packed my items I've supplied some photos... well only how I condensed everything in my duffel bag.
A box to keep my undies and socks good to go! 
Shower cap to keep my shoes clean
and away from my clothes :)
My makeup bag
Clear bags I put my toiletries 
Sponges I bought at the Farmer Market
Anyways stay tuned for later today!

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