Where the Wild Things Are

[Late Post] I decided to wear a more casual, almost back to school outfit to work.

I bought this nice skinny slacks from H&M and down the legs are some kind of line detail. I'm not sure what they call it, but I really like these pants. The only problem I have with them is that they are SUPER high waist'd on me and because of that it makes sitting in these skinny pants very uncomfortable. I'm only saying this because I have a navel piercing and it bothers my navel. :( Other than that these have great style and looks pleasing :)

I paired this with my black knit front sweater with chiffon on the back and it has some flat round gold detailing on the shoulders.

Next with it I decided to wear my Zebra platform heels with it. I just absolutely love these heels. I think they look really great in person and in pictures. I guess the only con I have with it is that it feels kind of fake like the material could fall apart soon even though it's durable. Sad, I know... Lastly, I decided to wear my faux leather slouch backpack with it just to give it that extra "umph"

/*Items shown in the image are either linked to the exact item or similar to it*/
  • Backpack: Faux leather slouch backpack $39.99 (Target)
  • Top: Black knit front sweater w/ chiffon back @ G Stage
  • Pants: Skinny pants @ H&M
  • Shoes: Zebra Platform Booties @ Charlotte Russe
  • Eyewear: Hena Cat $34.99 (Quay Sunglasses)

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