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Tonight I am going to a concert featuring Yuna and Lincoln Jesser. If you haven’t heard of Yuna, you are definitely missing out on some good music for the soul. She is a Malaysian singer with a unique voice and style. Her songs all have a great beat and for me, I can’t seem to find one bad or ok song from her. 

So in support of culturally open to other religions and for a great fashion statement, I decided to sport a turban. I know that Yuna wears it for her Muslim religion beliefs (FYI-I'm not Muslim) but turbans are actually quite fun to wear and there are so many ways to tie them. Here are some good inspirational turban looks I found on Pinterest (below) too. There are also some great tutorials on how to tie them on Youtube. The last photo is actually Yuna.

The top is a crochet floral top with an open-tulip back design. I wore it with a pair of woven pleated shorts that have an elastic back feature. It’s pretty comfy to move around in too! For my accessories and wedges, I've featured them before in previous posts and I just love them. Here are some additional views of my outfit.

I must say it was the best concert I have ever been to. It was a free concert at the Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, but since we donated money to the event, we got upgraded seats that were six rows away from the front. Yuna sang about 20 or more songs and she is really great live. Try to catch her if she's touring in town again.

A few of my favorite songs are:

  1. Mountains
  2. Fading Flower
  3. Lights & Camera
  4. Falling


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