Spelling It Out For You...

 Here's my outfit of the day. I wanted to wear something that was comfy and casual for work but have some sort of fashionable edge. 

I put together, this Alphabet sweater I bought from a boutique in Monrovia, California. The brand is Mustard Seed which is what is the letters represent. For the bottom, I wore a simple woven pencil skirt from H&M

My statement piece would be my hairstyle and the floating flower hair chain I got from Forever 21. I absolutely love this piece and how it looks very boho chic and it was very easy to clip in. It would also be perfect for Coachella next year. 

 Alysia helped braid my hair into this crown which is tighter and smaller than my previous post. This was made from two braids; one on each side of my head and then wrapped around my head and pinned into place. 

For my shoes, I got them at Reflection this past weekend, they were having a sale of buying one pair and getting the second pair for half off. These cutout wedges were only $25 and I liked them so much, I got them in black and white. The details of the studs on this wedge give it a more classier look, which is what I usually go for. 

My clutch is from Forever 21 and I love the details of this bag. Its studded on the front side and it looks like it was done by hand as you can tell by the intricate details of it. I'll add a picture below later. 

Additional Pictures Below:

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