Stealing a Glance

Here’s another floral inspired ensemble. I know, I post a lot of floral, so sue me haha. I wanted to go with a more polished and classier look since my outfit from yesterday was more playful. I really like the print of this chiffon floral top from Forever 21 paired with this great flowing maxi skirt. Both are very comfortable to wear and what’s a plus about this top is that I didn't to wear an undershirt because it wasn't so see-through.

For my heels, I love the unique cut and design of these babies. They are from Steve Madden but I bought them from DSW on sale, so it was a really good deal. I also saw them in black too, but I was dying to get a pair of red heels. My necklace is a gift my mom got me from New York, but you can find similar gold chained necklaces anywhere. I’ll show a close up of it later but it has a unique braided design at the end of it.

Here is an additional look. Hope you enjoyed this. 


  1. I really like this look. Red Floral is always fun. Following you on GFC


    1. Thanks Deedee! I really appreciate the compliment and stopping by to visit our page. Your page is also very fashionable and cute! Love your Posts!