Femme Florals

Floral prints are in the air! I wanted to bring a very feminine look for today's taste so this plays with a lot of pinks, reds, and whites tones. 

This outfit is completely from Forever 21. The top is adorable as it has a bow tie feature in the front of the neck and a Victorian feel with a fitted collar and cuffs. 

Since the top has a busy print, I wanted to keep the skirt in the same shades and wore this simple burgundy pencil skirt. It's pretty long on me since my height is 5'2", so I had to fold it under. Without folding it, it almost runs over my knees. 

I think all fashionistas should own a pair of nude pumps. They go with practically every outfit and it adds such an effortless dressed up look. These pumps have a leather sole so if your feet get sweaty they won't slide as much. The problem I have is that, even though they have a platform they aren't really comfortable for a long period of time. I would say a few hours are okay and then the top of your toes begin to feel squished. I have wide feet so this may not affect everybody. 

The hairstyle I did was a fishtail braid. 
It's really simple to do but I did
 it backwards so it may look a bit awkward up close. Here's a picture (right) I found on Pinterest that represents the braid. I feel that it looks best on long hair. Also, here's a link on how to achieve the look: 

Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

All Items below are from Forever 21.
Romantic Rose Bow-Tie Top $17.80 (View It Here!)
Burgundy Pencil Skirt $8.80 (View It Here!)
Nude Pumps $29.80 (Patent Version Here!)

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