Yay! I've been waiting to wear my mustard pants. I absolutely love mustard pants. I think they look really gorgeous and especially gorgeous when they are matched with anything Navy!

I matched my H&M mustard treggings with a sailor/pilot jacket that I went hunting for at H&M. I literally went and called every single H&M store near my location to get this jacket. I finally found it at the Victoria Gardens near my house. Thank goodness. I was super ecstatic about it! I was literally really close on getting it online, but I'm glad I didn't! The only problem I have with this jacket is that it is ITCHY! It's itchy because it's made of wool! Ugh the things I do to look good. Haha anyways, moving on to the good stuff. :) I just had to share my story first, hehe.

/*Items shown in the image are either linked to the exact item or similar to it*/
  • Eyewear: Round Sunglasses $5.80 (Forever 21)
  • Pants: Super Stretch Treggings (H&M)
  • Jacket: Wool Woven Jacket $49.99 (H&M)

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