The Pie Hole

The entrance to the Pie Hole
[Late Post] Sorry everyone for the late posts all the time. Life is just getting in the way of blogging and
Tiffany and I will try our hardest to keep up!

So wanted to give you a taste of the Pie Hole that Tiffany and our friend S.A.--her name will be disclosed for privacy reasons--took me for my birthday 2 weeks ago. :D

We got there pretty late than our expected arrival, but when you first enter it looks like a nice cozy place where you can hang out casually, do your homework/work, sip on some coffee, or better yet eat a savory pie!

I'm just gonna leave these photos here for you to experience what we experienced. :D

We ordered the Mac & Cheese pie, steak & ale pie, and a dessert pie with basil... I think it's called Strawberry basil or was it Raspberry. I forget. I would recommend trying all three of them because they all three have a distinct unique taste to it. It's pretty yummy and would definitely go back there to try it again! :D

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