Little Miss Proper

This look of the day plays with a cute and put-together bow tie paired with a white and black polka dot button-up top. I love how clean this outfit is. It's also subtle enough for work and adds a tiny boyish touch. 

The button-up top is made from sheer chiffon material so I had to wear an undershirt underneath. The self fabric is soft to touch and doesn't feel too cheap. The royal trousers are very comfy but I feel that they have a little excessive fabric around the waist and stomach area. If you are tall and skinny, these may look better on you. I bought them because they were cheap and the feel was ultra relaxing. 

These pointy-toe mules are from Aldo and currently on sale, I added the link below. There isn't much support for them but I lasted all day in them because I didn't want that much in them. I recommend not to shop with them as your toes and the ball of the feet will start to feel achy. The black part is made out of synthetic material and the heel is made to represent some sort of wood-like substance

I love this purse from Michael Kors. It may look small, but it actually fits everything I carry which is a lot of stuff. There is also a detachable shoulder strap that goes with the purse but I took it off for picture purposes. 

My lipstick is from MAC Cosmetics called Viva Glam Rihanna. It has a sultry sparkle to it when you see it up close and the color is a perfect summer red. I'm not sure if they still have this in stores but I would recommend adding this shade to your lipstick collection. 

White/Black Polka Dot Top/ Royal High-Waisted Trousers/ White Cami/Bow Tie-Forever 21
Pointy-Toe Mules- Aldo (Get It Here!)
Michael Kors Purse
Viva Glam Rihanna-MAC Cosmetics Lipstick

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