[Late Post] Sorry! It's been quite hectic this weekend and on Friday when I initially took this photo.

Friday, I wore a simple t-shirt blouse and paired it with an H&M floral pattern skater skirt. I don't know why, but I'm really into the skater skirts. I just really like how flattering they are on me and how comfortable it is :)

For accessories, I just used my checkered sunglasses, burgundy suede fedora hat, fringed necklace, and burgundy laser cut booties to complete my outfit. Oh! The olive scarf was just something for fun to put on when Tiffany wanted to use it with her outfit. I figured it look cute with mine too ;)

/*Items shown in the image are either linked to the exact item or similar to it*/

  • Top: White Premium Cotton Shirt $7.90 (Uniqlo)
  • Skirt: Floral Skater Skirt $13.99 (H&M)
  • Shoes: Laser cut-out platform booties $38.99 (Charlotte Russe)
  • Sunglasses: Checkered Sunglasses $5.80 (Forever 21)
  • Lips: Satin Lipstick in Diva $18 (MAC)
  • Hat: Burgundy Fedora $12.80 (Forever 21)
  • Jewelry: Lacquered Fringe Necklace $10.80 (Forever 21)

Taken @ Los Angeles

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