The Cat's Meow!

Happy Sunday! 
This look was inspired for an easy casual day and also work suitable. I wore this on Friday and here is the scoop behind the look. For me, I usually don't wear to many crazy prints or patterns and I usually like to wear solids. I wanted to try this bold print and the style of this top is also cute. 

For the bottoms, these black leggings are thicker than basic leggings so you won't see my butt through the fabric. It's always hard to find good leggings that won't do that for a good price. I also like the PU piping detail that run down the middle of each leg, it makes your legs look longer because of the vertical direction. 

The heels were a steal from Reflection Shoe stores. The straps are stretchy so they don't dig/suffocate your feet. It has a zip back closure and the stem isn't too high, so you can last for the day. 

I really like this necklace I got from Forever 21. The colors are really bright and they bring the right amount of pop to the outfit. It was pretty cheap and the Chrome-metal color doesn't really fade/change, which usually bugs me about cheap jewelry. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Chiffon Cheetah Button Up Top- Forever 21
Black Leggings with PU Piping- TJ Maxx
Strappy Heels- Reflection
Neon Bib Necklace-Forever 21
Lipstick-MAC Cosmetics in Rebel


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